Care Guide

One of our chief shoe makers, Raul has shared his wisdom on how to select your shoes, the best ways to keep them in tip-top condition, and how to prolong their lifespan and ensure that your Ridic Style Shoes will always look their best.


Care Tip One: Wear new shoes at home first

Don’t punish your feet by submitting brand new shoes to a full day’s wear, straight out of the box. Ease them in by wearing them around the house for a few hours over the weekend. This will soften up the construction and ensure a comfortable fit.

The bottom line: do try this at home.


Care Tip Two: Grit your shoes

Try not to take your new shoes for a walk in the rain on day one. Wearing them in the dry enables a layer of grit to work its way into the leather soles, which acts as a protective shield to allow them to combat the worst of the weather with ease. It also primes the soles with a layer of grip: new leather soles can be very slippery in the wet.

The bottom line: starting with a dry run primes your soles for the future.


Care Tip Three: Never wear two days in a row

Give your shoes a break: wearing them on successive days can very quickly burn away the leather. Keep an eye out for tell-tale signs of blackening on the inside, and swap your leather shoes around regularly to prolong their life.

The bottom line: rotate and rest your shoes to retain their robustness.


Care Tip Four: Use quality wooden shoe trees

Good quality shoe trees will absorb perspiration from your shoes and help them retain their original shape. Ideally based around the designer’s original last, they should be the highest-quality wood.  One pair will suffice: placing them in your shoes for one day after wearing is sufficient.

The bottom line: good shoes don’t grow on trees, but they should definitely be kept on them.


Care Tip Five: Wet weather

Try to avoid wearing your leather soled in wet weather. Leather is a porous material and will deteriorate in the wet, try turning to your rubber soled options if the skies are looking grey. Should you get caught in a shower, drying wet shoes next to a radiator or another source of heat is the kiss of death: you’ll crack the leather. Simply stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper and allow them to dry out naturally. If they’re covered in mud, brush the mud off when dry and polish as normal.

The bottom line: dry right, dry naturally


Care Tip Six: Brush up is best

Many polishes create a surface shine. Ideally, leave the shoe polish on overnight and then remove in the morning with a soft brush or cloth. You’ll love the results.

The bottom line: taking time to condition your shoes will make them last even longer


Care Tip Seven: Always use shoe trees

Shoes trees are critical to the long term care and life of your shoes.  All our shoes ship with cedar shoe trees.  Cedar is both absorbent and smells great and will help absorb the moisture from your shoe and hold their shape.